About Photographer

Rabi Saha, photographer, has found moments frozen in time that he has captured as he has been traveling Europe and Asia. He has an eye for conveying a message to his audience with imagery of history in pieces of art, in people, nature, and architecture. Whether it’s positioning himself perfectly under the Eiffel tower for a layered shot of history or running with a rhino and snapping the perfect still image, Rabi, proves that pictures speak louder than words.

After obtaining several degrees in business, computer engineering, and architecture, Rabi, created several business in his degreed fields. He found his passion for travel and photography when he met many company leaders to expand his businesses. For the past 4 years, he has been faithfully and creatively combining special angles and lighting techniques with his eye for design, to bring colorful emphasis to life.

As he has traveled several continents already, he has captured the attention of over 450,000 people on his Instagram and will continue to. We have decided to highlight his work on this special website in addition to his social media pages, for more of a thorough account of his travels and growing portfolio. The future of this world travel photographer will bring him soon to adventures in the United States, Australia, and Iceland, where we anticipate his new images will surely continue to captivate his audience.